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We love to take pictures of weddings, elopements, or simply capture you as a normal couple in a beautiful surrounding.

To laugh, to cry and fall into each other’s arms – to catch emotions in all its facets, is our credo.

Capturing all these moments in your familiar surrounding is fantastic, but wouldn’t it be even more special to do that in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Please get in touch if you are in the same destination ( below ) or wish to plan an unforgettable journey with me or my team.


We are at least as crazy as you are.



  C U R A C A O    // Februar 21


E R Z G E B I R G E // Ostern 21


M Ü N C H E N // 04.- 06.06.21


  A L L G Ä U   // 07.- 10.06.21


  E R Z G E B I R G E   // 18. - 22.06.21


  A L L G Ä U   // 23.- 27.07.21


E R Z G E B I R G E // September 21


... and hopefully more spontaneous trips.
( I hope that everything planned can happen because of the pandemic. )



If you want to have an unforgettable photoshoot with us, get in touch!